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Kroptotkin Botkin

A very simple IRC chatbot for pleasurable education and Kropotkin quotes. Type in folowing keywords to see what it has to say: Safety, Cooperation, Co-operation, Mutual, Mutual aid, Human nature, Struggle, Competition, Support, Solidarity, Institutions, Union, Mothers, Associations, Association, Society, Common bond and Neighbours.

Curated conversation.

Date: 14 July, 6.30pm to 8pm

Agenda Items:
1. Now: Mutual aid in the age of uncertainty
2. Next: Mutual aid beyond moments of crisis

Join us for a curated conversation about the
role mutual aid has played in these times of
uncertainty and a discussion on how we
can harness mutual aid practices as we move
forward into tomorrow. The conversation will
be chaired by Ruth Catlow with participation
from Larisa Blazic XX, YY and ZZ.


Available after 14 July 2020.

In this place of safety

"Practicing mutual aid is the surest means
for giving each other and to all the greatest safety,
the best guarantee of existence and progress,
bodily, intellectual and moral."
Peter Kropotkin
Mutual Aid, A Factor of Evolution

This IRC chat will be
in use by UP Projects on
---date tbc---
inviting public
on safety,
and public space.

Artist statement (or About)

Delayed beginning of COVID-19 lock-down in the UK brought about an amazing wave of community organising, a sort of self-assembly for the protection of self and others, a beautiful act of solidarity where neighbours reached out to each other for help and support. Mutual aid groups grew like mushrooms, posters were plastered, chat groups and websites were made, phones distributed, cars found, fundraisers organised, food prepared, medicines picked up and delivered. At the time I was wondering how much people know about the history of such organising, whether they are aware of it's political background. Soon enough there were groups like Sisters Uncut and others who have flagged up the need to understand this as 'solidarity not charity' + here.

On the other hand I was wondering how this wave of amazing human action for the benefit of others can, and whether it should, be supported through institutions of mutual aid. What are they? How could we set them up? What is existing knowledge and experience in the field? Is this the way to sustain, support, encourage (dare I say reward!?) this kind of behaviour for the long term? Peter Kropotkin comes to aide to help analyse how these things occur in nature as well as human societies over the ages - building compelling evidence for careful scrutiny of present day organising (facilitated by digital technologies) as well as imagining pathways for long-term encouragement and change.

Charity, he says, 'bears a character of inspiration from above, and, accordingly, implies a certain superiority of the giver upon the receiver.' Opening up for analysis of power in this exchange. Whilst on the other side, he proposes that 'it is not love and not even sympathy upon which Society is based in mankind. It is the conscience - be it only at the stage of an instinct - of human solidarity. It is the unconscious recognition of the force that is borrowed by each man from the practice of mutual aid; of the close dependency of every one's happiness upon the happiness of all; and of the sense of justice, or equity, which brings the individual to consider the rights of every other individual as equal to his [her/their] own.'

Mutual aid, I believe, is perhaps the best way to externalise our commitment to life of dignity and confront the theatre of cruelty* that is contemporary life. Common Bond Society (& Chatrooms) is an art project that is set up to help this conversation. In the fashion of an 'old school' IRC chat rooms, i.e channels, it reuses communication tools of the Internet before web 2.0 to reboot citizens' information agora*; and more broadly, aims to help discussion about the platforms that have been in use for this phenomena, through which issues of privacy, safety and power can find space for reflection.

Common Bond Society by Larisa Blazic was commisioned by
UP Projects for This is Public Space.

Special thanks to
Ruth Catlow
Cecilia Wee
Varia Centre for Everyday Technology for their help with Kiwi IRC webclient
James Stevens

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